Tuesday, December 21, 2010


What events are right now shaping your individual lives? What circumstances do you now find yourself involved in? More importantly, how are you labeling these events as they occur in your daily life? In his book titled The Thunder of Silence Joel Goldsmith states: "Whatever the appearance, it is merely a form of some sort, nothing but a blank in front of you until you decide that this thing is either beautiful or ugly." How comforting it is when I realize that I have the power to ultimately decide how I am going to deal with things in my life. Yes, there are many things that occur in my world over which I have no say so as to whether or not they occur. But I do know I can choose the way I deal with these things. And we are connected to each other as to how we relate to ourselves. That is not to say I will agree with you on things or disagree but the choices I make will determine the way you see me and the way I view the world of illusion we are now in.Personally if I find myself labeling something as "ugly" I intend to take a closer look and try to repaint that experience as "beautiful". I know that will not always serve to keep me from seeing something as negative but it will serve to help me take a closer look at the way I define myself. I sincerely hope you will find a way to label most things as beautiful also. I leave you with peace and hopes for a bright beautiful day for each of you!


Chris Ledgerwood said...

Beautiful my brother!

Greg Champy said...

Would one look at a fire that is ignited by a lightning strike and burns their house down as well as all of their earthly possessions as a cataclysmic and ugly act of God or an opportunity to be purified from the things that were hindering you from being the beautiful person you were meant to be? Any battle's outcome that we face is largely determined by one's attitude when entering into it...not by random chance.

captron52 said...

Hi Chris. Thanks for once again for stopping by and leaving a comment. Have a great evening!

Hi Greg. Im afraid lots of folks would see their burned down house and loss as something "bad" not necessarily from the wrath of God but bad anyway you look at it. Then there are those who can "see" past the illusions of "bad" or "good" as far as that goes. Have a good one Greg!