Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Before I get back to blogging about life's mysteries, illusions, paradoxes, and the like, I would like to take a moment and invite you to take a listen to my friend(Chris Ledgerwood) new album . I met Chris online last year and have been following his career as a musician as well as developing a friendship with him. Chris seems to me to be just an open honest country boy with loads of talent in the musical field.He has been kind enough to include me in his growth both as a human being and a musician.Even tho I've never met Chris or his family or the band members somehow I feel connected to them.I asked Chris if I could give out a link to his website and he was willing. So here are the links
Chris writes his own songs that come from a life that has taken many directions for Chris.The accoustic guitar melodies along with the haunting sounds of the harmonica seem to take one inot the world that only Chris knows.His son Franklin(I think that is his name) is also a talented musician with the guitar. Every member of the band is quite talented in their own right.And if Im not mistaken Chris's wife sings background vocals also. Just wanted you to see that the band is what I call an "Intimate" band that plays so well together and they seem to just be another on e of us ordinary folks. No frills, jumping up and down, burning guitars or that kind of stuff. Just good old music that I would say is kinda a cross with country, blues, and folkrock. Im sure Chris would love to see you visit his website and take a listen to their music.And you can also purchase their music on line.I hope you take a moment to check them out. Even tho they are a small town band they are currently in demand all over the state of Oklahoma. It sure wouldn't surprise me if they wind up making it really big. And knowing Chris as I do he would be the first to tell you its not about the money its all about the music!
One of Chris's dear friend who was still in her teen years died last year and he penned a song just for her that he played at her funeral. So much of his soul and spirit and heart went into that song and it shows.I'm hoping that one day after Chris does make it "BIG" he will allow me to write a song of my own for him to sing. That will be my dream for a bit and in the meantime do yourself a favor and check them out.In ending I want to wish all of you folks a most wonderful and happy new year ahead. I hope it will be filled with much love, peace, joy, and understanding. I bid you all a farewell and remind you to do something nice for someone just because you can!"HUGS" to all.