Saturday, January 28, 2012


When I think about all the mysteries that this earthly life entails I just get lost in the wonder of it all. To me the greatest mystery ever is that there is anything at all.I realize we as humans are operating in an infinite universe while at the same time only having a mind that is finite.Therein I  believe, lies the reason things are so mysterious at times. No matter what your belief as to how all this life came to be, its still pretty amazing wouldn't you say? Personally I believe that anything is possible no matter how strange it may sound at the time. And if that is the case then we should be able to do or have anything we may desire. Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev has stated this: If you say something is not possible, what you are really saying is "I don't want it" And you know , he may be right. In the One Creative Mind there is no lesser, no hard,or small, or anything else. In this Mind there is only possibilities! May you and yours this very moment decide what it is you want, then give this Mind a chance to make the thing you desire manifest. I leave you in love, peace, understanding, and friendship.


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