Thursday, February 4, 2010


Is it just me or has almost everybody gotten so greedy that they will do anything for a dollar? I remember back a few years ago when you could get a buy on a purchase for a fair price. Or pay your monthly bills and still have a little money left over? Seems to me like all the companies or service providers I now deal with wont be happy until they get our last dime. They want it all for themselves and dont care if they leave a body with a dollar to spare or not. And one of my pet peeves is paying a dear price for a service or product only to find out I have been taken to the cleaners once again. Ill give you an examp;e of what Im talking about. Last week my wife was having some trouble with a tooth that had been capped a few years ago so she made an appointment with our dentist.Once there they did an xray of the tooth in question and the dentist assured her there was no problem of any kind with the tooth. My wife came home delighted that all wehad to pay was 26.00 for the exam and xray when she had been afraid it would need a new crown. Before she left the dentist office that day he told her she had not had a dental exam and cleaning fora couple of years and that it would be a good idea to get one done.So before leaving she scheduled an appointment the following monday for the cleaning. She asked them how much it was going to cost and they told her 126.00 total. When she went back for the appointment the dentist looked at the tooth he had xrayed on friday and this time he said it was cracked and needed to be recrowned at the cost of a cool 1 thousand dollars. Now this same dentist had crowned a few of her teeth a few years back and the the cost was 775.00. I always thought the price was way too high but I suppose that is the going rate these days. Since we dont have dental insurance we will have to pay all of it out of pocket.But thats not what really teed me off. After the cleaning my wife went to pay the126.00 she had been told it would cost. But the office girl told her it was 183.00. She asked why the price was not what she had been quoted. The girl told her it was for the xrays they had taken.Because my wife is such an easy going person she went ahead and paid the 183.00. When she got home and told me that I was furious.I mean they should have told her the xrays were gonna cost extra . She was led to believe that 126.00 was all the costs and that the xrays were just a normal part of the exam since they failed to tell her it would be extra. I tried to remain calm and called the office and talked to one of the women in the office. I informed her I thought we had been overcharged and would she kindly take the 57.00 off of our credit card. She said she would check with the other folks and call me back. A few minutes later she called and informed me they had no intention of refunding us the difference. OK , you may think 57.00 is not much and that I should just let it drop. But when I feel a wrong has been done to anyone I think the wrongdoer should at least be made accountable.Too manytimes in the past when things like that happened to me I would just chalk it up as a lesson and go on. But for the past few years I have decide to stand up for what I believe in. I told the lady on the phone that I couldn't believe that this dentist was so greedy that he would not do the right thing.I started going to him over 25 years ago and when I married 15 yrs ago my wife went to him and we spent a bundle of money mostly on my wifes crowns. Then 4 years ago my wifes folks moved to Paducah and we set them up for their dental work with this dentist.All the money and business we gave to him and he cant see clear to do the right thing. Well I can only tell him that decision will cost him a lot more than the 57.00 he screwed us out of.My wife has already found a new dentist and he has started on 2 new crowns for her at 900.00 a pop.He normally charges a little more than that for crowns but he cut us a break since she was a new customer. I have also filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau against our previous dentist. Now do I think we will ever get our money back? Probably not. But thats ok cause now that dentist will have a pending complaint against him unless he makes it right.And I also intend to tell everybody I can about this guys practice. So whether its a dentist or some other service company I would advise that before you trust them with your money it would be a good thing to check with the BBB first. Like I said I may be wrong feeling the way I do but Im just damned tired of people ripping me and anyone else off. You know I hate to use my blog to vent about my own experiences and you may find it quite boring and I wouldnt blame you a bit. But I do feel better now that Ive written my feelings down . Now I can just say thanks to our old dentist for making me angry because that has helped me to grow a little bit more spiritually. I sure hope all of you have a better experience with all your business dealings. God bless all of you

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