Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Webster's defines conviction as a strong belief. How strong a belief one has will determine the outcome of any given circumstances. Lots of us, myself included, often times confuse conviction with "wishful thinking" and that is what makes for all the confusion in our lives.Well, maybe not all, but a lot of it Im sure. How many times I have mistakenly thought my beliefs were a conviction when in reality it was more of a wishing or hoping rather than a real conviction of belief. I've seen folks who claim they are sure they have found a conviction in that their life is about to take a turn for the better turn right around and sabotage that belief with words or thoughts to the contrary. Its kinda like someone saying I have all the faith in the world that tonite is the nite I finally hit the big one in the lottery. Yet when they go to buy the ticket they mention to the clerk that they never win anything. They say they are unlucky but at teh same time they tell the clerk that tonite is gonna be different because they have been thinnking positive thoughts. I would argue that all they have really done is mask their "hope" and "wishful thinking" in a cloud of confusion. They do not have a conviction and the thoughts they are putting out to the Divine Mind is this: "I don't really believe deep down that Im gonna win anything but theres always a small chance. Cant you help me?" From the Gospel of Thomas comes this quote:"You must seek in order to discover the Spirit and Truth and must continue seeking until you realize the Spirit indwelling you and know teh Truth in your own experience." And from the SOM Textbook pg 499: A silent conviction is worth more than the loudest proclamation from the housetops of those who shout affirmations to the great nowhere. So right now is a great time for all of us to figure out just what it is we desire from this life and then work on attaining a conviction that willo be strong enough to allow our desires to be made manifest. The best to all of you.

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