Tuesday, August 3, 2010


My blog has come under some attack as being heresey lately. I realize this is coming from 1 individual who has told me he had a visit from God or something to that effect and now he knows the "real" truth about God and all things spiritual. So he has accused me of spreading untruths even tho I have told him time and again that this blog only represents "MY" personal beliefs.Still he replies to my blog with words Im sure meant to make me see the "light". All this has reminded me of a story I once read concerning the Buddha. In it there was a man who had heard about the Buddha and how he was so at peace that he didnt let anything bother him. Now this man decided that the Buddha must be a fake if he claimed to have that much inner peace.So he set out to find the Buddha. When he came upon Buddha he went into a rant calling the Buddha every filthy name he could come up with. He ranted and raved and tried his best to get Buddha to respond.After several minutes of this he finally saw the Buddha was not ging to get angry sohe became quiet. The Buddha smiled at him and asked if he was through with his rantings. The man did not reply so Buddha then asked him a question--If someone brings you a gift and offers it to you but they refuse to accept the gift then who does the gift tehn belong to? The man replied I suppose the gift would belong to the one who had brought it in the first place. The Buddha smiled. Right you are my friend and todayI am refusing this gift of anger and name calling you offer to me so it now will return to you its rightful owner. With these words the man turned and quickly ran away no longer wanting to hurl insults at the Buddha.

Now I must admit I have a long way to go before I can honestly say that things other people say dont bother me because they sometimes do. But even now I can remember to refuse any gift from anyone I choose so God help me to remain centered and calm when I am being attacked!


Sabio Lantz said...

That is one of my favorite stories also -- well said.

Anonymous said...

Gentlemen, you're not under attack, and you're spinning the facts. I know three people who have posted on your blog including me, and no one has claimed to know all things spiritual. I thought this blog was intended to be a forum for open discussion, or is it only intended to be a sounding board for SOM? You've gone public with your beliefs, and indeed, are spreading your beliefs when you write about them in spite of saying otherwise. Observations are made when a debate ensues, and judgments made by both parties. You consider it an attack when someone points out a glaring contradiction, and refuse to confront them. If other views aren't welcomed, perhaps you should create a private forum that requires a password to read about your beliefs and keep it to yourselves.
So far, your presentation of SOM has been surface material. General statements about inner peace, being one with god, etc. A new reader can be enticed by such grand statements, but others such as myself pick up on false humility, not saying you're insincere, but false nonetheless evidenced by fact that you equate yourself and your worth to that of God.
Every effort has been made to assure you that contrary views are presented peacefully, and you know that is true. If you are troubled by some statements, there is a reason behind it.
Again, I challenge you to present concrete evidence that SOM offers something more than a sense of false security and peace. If you are so qualified and not just promoting another's philosophy, start with your own life. What has SOM done for you other than the sense of peace you have knowing you are a god. How do you apply SOM to make material differences in disturbed lives? Can you document that SOM heals people physically, or predicts the future correctly thousands of years in advance like the Bible? If SOM is nothing more than peace of mind, it is helpful only while you're still alive, and will fade when you face the real God that you aspire to be. This is an opinion delivered in peace. If it irritates you, a lot could be said about that, but if you can't defend your beliefs, they aren't worth defending.

Breath-e said...


Your inner knowing is concrete enough. Empirical evidence in modern science is not truly empirical. So there is no need to bother with proofs other than your own. If it works for you, that is what is necessary.

The Buddha went through many persecutions. I hope, Ron, you see the true compliment your Commentor has handed you. He's hoping you have answers to his misunderstandings. How totally cool.

I'm sorry your commentor does not yet feel the oneness and true joining with the Creator. I'm sorry that his conscious is not yet at peace with that oneness. Platitudes have meaning. Words will never be able to express the fullness and depth of being one with our Creator in this life - and yet we try.

Enjoy your Day. Today is not Every Day...it is today.

Anonymous said...

With all due respect, Breath-e, you make a solid case that SOM is selfish in nature and only concerned about the god self. Life is about more than how one feels. Feelings change. God doesn't. Words are very important, too. If not, one should not speak or use them in print. The word of God is powerful. The word of SOM appears to be flimsy at best. Neither you nor Ron have concrete answers, else you would provide them instead of spinning off to unearthly, surreal statements. Proclamations such as yours and Ron's demand explanation.
It stands out that SOM encourages selfishness and personal high regard to a degree of great pride masked in false humility. Your statement appears self centered, as you have arrived to heights of great understanding, and you pity me. I'm okay with that, but I pray for you instead of just offering pity. I am willing to dialogue openly about Truth and you aren't. Yet you claim to be totally open minded in your ongoing quest for godhood. It doesn't add up. No substance equals no real god.
BTW, Ron, when you say God help me, or you talking to yourself or a superior being outside of yourself? Again, all this is delivered softly and in love of God.

captron52 said...

Thanks Sabio for again stopping by.Hope your week is going great!

Hi Sarah Great to hear from you again my friend.Its nice to hear form someone who understands.Sure hope you and yours are doing great!

Hi LM Thanks for the visit eevn if it is once again to tell me Im full of s--- and spreading lots of untruths here. As always you are entitled to your opinion.As Ive told you before I WILL NOT be drawn into an argument on whose beliefs are "right" In no way should I or do I feel the need to "prove" my philosophy. You slam SOM quickly but I doubt if you have a clue as to their beliefs. But thats ok too I still hope your beliefs bring you much joy and peace.

captron52 said...

oops almost forgot to answer your last question L M When I say God help me yes, I am talking to God who resides in my heart every moment and Im using my mind which is the only connection I have to God. God in me, as me, is me

Anonymous said...

There it is cap. you just told the whole story, and spinning things again. I challenged you to share and demonstrate viability of SOM. I was not being argumentative. You refuse to engage because you cannot offer up anything to support SOM, or you are so inwardly turned that you don't really care about anyone else. I hope anyone looking to you for answers has good sense to see it for what it is. You can't be upset with me because according to your own words, I am a god, too, and I declare what is right, I can't be wrong, so you must agree that you are embracing heresy. Can't you see how crazy this is?

Your last sentence is pure lunacy to be embraced by those who have lost touch with reality. Translated, it reads like this, "Me in me is me" Cap, you're just a god in your own mind, but you are a false god and I pray you will realize that your sins are deadly and not to be justified, but rather confessed and seek mercy from the appointed mediator between men and God, Jesus Christ. all spoken softly again and with love of God.

captron52 said...

Oh my now Im not only mistaken but Ive lost touch with reality!Poor poor pitiful me!Oh well I appreciate your concern for me while Im in this state of being crazy.One thing in regards to your question as me providing an exampl;e of SOM doing any good for anyone--several years ago I had a few experiences that wsere published in the SOM magazine. One evening I received a phone call from a lady who had looked me up after reading my story.She asked if I wqas the author of that article and I said yes and then she told me that was just what she had needed to hear to get through some trying times in her life.We remained friends after that so at least 1 person got some good from my experiences andd it was thru the SOM that it all came about. Maybe you can check out the SOM website and try to understand their way of seeing things. If not thats ok take care and Ill talk with you again Im sure. I mean, if you can see fit to talk with a "crazy" insincere, misguided, heresey spreading, arrogant, person who cares about no one but themselves.

Anonymous said...

Lots of things help people get through troubled times, cap. If you aided the lady emotionally, as I suspect, that is admirable, and thank you, but it does not lend credibility to SOM as truth. It leads one away from sin's atoning sacrifice as appointed by God, Jesus Christ, and replaces it with self.
I mistyped when translated your words. Should read, "Me in me is God." That's why I say you have lost touch with reality. You are not God, nor equal to him on any level.

captron52 said...

"HUGS" to you my dear L M hope your day has been quite good. Do come visit again

Anonymous said...

thank you! Back to ya! (LM)