Monday, August 16, 2010


From the Science of Mind magazine I found the following affirmations that I'd like to share with you now.The first one is titled From Within--I am conscious of the Divine Presence that is within me, the Source and substance of all my good. This good is always flowing to me and through me. I allow this presence to be fully activated as my life now. I live from the inside out.
2.I AM ONE -The fullness of Spirit is activated within me now. I express the life energy of peace, joy, and beauty. Every aspect of my life reveals the magnificence of God in all that I say and do. I am one with God.
3. THE LIGHT OF GOD-I stand in the light of pure Spirit. I stand as the light of pure Spirit. I know that I am guided by this light in all that I do. Open and receptive to this light, I allow it to shine as me. I am the light of God.
4.I RECEIVE MY GOOD- I am one with God. I recognize my oneness with all there is and see the beauty of God everywhere I look. I receive the good of God in all that I do. I let go, and I let God be God as me. All is well.


Chris Ledgerwood said...

That is bound to get our fundie friends up and at em!

Anonymous said...

"....I let God be God as me...?"

Chris Ledgerwood said...

See, I told Ya!

captron52 said...

Hey Chris hope you are doing great and that the "band" is going great! You're right!

Hi anonymous gald you could stop by. Hope all is well with you these days