Tuesday, August 17, 2010


As I've stated before I believe that within each of us lies that Invisible Source which I prefer to call Spirit that remains at our center being always calm and always ready to assist us in our daily travels on planet earth. This source is like a light that clears away the 'darkness" of life's misunderstandings, fears and doubts. I would now like to share a paragraph on this subject from the writings of Kathy Hearn who is Community Spiritual Leader for the United Centers for Spiritual Living. Ms. Hearn states: "Perhaps the greatest expression of the principal of divine guidance comes to us through our internal vibration. When our actions are grounded in God, in love, and when we make our lives constructive in such a way as to harm no one but to bless all, we move forward in a state of peace and calm; security develops, and we are aware that we have tapped our invisible Source. There is no limit to the power.


Breath-e said...

to be grounded in the spirit. What a lovely paradox. And so true.

captron52 said...

Hi Sarah. Great to see ya again!I sure hope things are going great for you and yours!