Thursday, August 12, 2010


Man Ive been hearing so much these days about the bible I thought its time for me to take another visit with it.For my anonymosu friends who visit I first say this again is only my take on what the bible says. Im almost sure your assessment will be quite different so dont judge me too harshly for what I see. I open the bible and it begins In the beginning........... Wait theres a problem already.... With my beliefs God has no beginning and thus no is this? I wish I knew! But I am well aware that God, The One Life, Buddha, Oversoul, Universal Mind,Great Spirit, or any other name we ascribe to God is definately infinite. And as human beings we are working with a finite mind where all things have to have a beginning and ending. If the bible are words direct from the entity God I just wonder why He didnt begin by telling all of us how He came to bring about all the universes and man and woman? Seems to me that would have cleared up a lot of questions right off the bat. Was this universe and earth itself made in just 1 day as it says in Genesis?If that is the case how come scientists have proved that the planet has been here for millions of years? The story of Adam and Eve just doesnt feel good to me either.Again science has offered a more concrete idea of how life was evolved from the single cell organism instead of God just "making" a full grown man and putting him in the Garden of Eden before deciding to take out a rib from man and create woman. I mean if God just created man form the dust why did He have to take a rib from the male? I think that maybe the writer of Genesis was a little male biased and wanted to make it clear that woman was put here to be "under" the rule of men. But then I could be wrong maybe God did it just to have us humans forever wondeer about the creation and how it got started.This is just one thought I have had about the bible and wanted to share it with you.Which everway you believe all this got started is fine with me and I dont think it really matters all that much anyway.But again I may be wrong! Sure hope all of you have a wonderful funfilled and safe weekend.


Anonymous said...

Dear sir, I am not a qualified debater, and don't wish to engage n such, but I can point out that the Genesis account starts with the creation of the universe and world. It never intended to explain all the mysteries of God, and certainly not the "origin" of God himself. There are some things he chose to leave as a mystery. Time as we know it did not exist then. The time piece started ticking once God created and interacted with humanity. I believe the days of Genesis are periods of time instead of literal days, and could be thousands or even millions of years. Christians disagree, but that's fine as it is not really important how or when, but that he did. Genesis is the account of how God created order out of disorder in this corner of the universe. It does not detail how God created life, but does show the process with man being the last. We can question those things, but remember that we are finite beings with limitations as you pointed out. That is for a reason. God delights himself in our trust.

You touched on women's secondary role and being subservient to man. We must proceed carefully, or we'll have both women libbers and male chauvinist pigs blasting us. :) It is politically correct to say that a woman is equal to men in every area of life. I support those rights, but in proper context of the family unit.

God is a God of order, not chaos. The Kingdom of God has a chain of command and is administered orderly. When he said, "Let us make man.." he wasn't talking to himself. Other scriptures make it plain that he had already created angels and all that is the spiritual dimension. God is the ultimate authority, Jesus the "first born' of all creation, the Holy Spirit, and angels with authority in their assigned fields. Likewise, the human family is the building block of a prosperous community and world. As in every corporation or military unit, there exists the chain of command. As there cannot be two gods at odds with each other without chaos, the family unit is better served with an authoritative figure at the head of the family charged with many responsibilities.

Apparently, God chose the male to play such a role, and the woman as his helpmate. Now, less male bigots say, "See," or female libbers cry, "Unfair," we should look at the roles. Women have always played major roles in the Bible as leaders, as prophets, as mothers, as business people. Women played a big role in the life of Jesus. God loves women on an equal basis with men, and women are greatly blessed. It was a woman chose to give birth to Christ when God could have done it any number of other ways. It is mothers who raise their children to honor God. They have a special place in God's kingdom that we men cannot fulfill. They are very important.

Lastly, the Bible charges a woman to respect her husband. That is in context to a God fearing faithful husband, not in the context of being a doorstep for the man's inflated and bigoted ego. The man has a larger charge, and its one he will be judged by. The Bible says that a man must love his wife more than himself. That is often not the case. We are all selfish in varying degrees, some more than others, but we are charged to put the woman's needs above our own. When a man does that, the woman is so blessed that she finds it a joy and wants to follow the lead of a man who has her best interest at heart.

When that order is honestly observed and lived out in a family, peace, harmony, and good things ensue. When the chain of command is usurped, or the roles dishonored, chaos comes on scene and produces a dysfunctional family. I believe this is why God instituted the chain of command that, when observed, brings honor to God and peace at home. I hope this enlightens you about those things, or is at least something to be considered. Thank you.

captron52 said...

I do appreciate you sharing your thoughts with us on this subject. That being said I think your response to how the earth was formed in 1 or maybemillions of years just tells me that yes the bible is very open to each of our own unique ways of interpetation and that in turn tells me each of us must find our own personal way to spiritual enlightenment. Thanks again for stopping byand I sincerely hope youand yurs have a wonderful weekend.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir, please allow me to expand on your conclusion for the sake of clarity. My earlier post in no way indicates that the Bible is open to private interpretation. The Bible recognizes disputable matters, and discourages in fighting over them as they are not related to salvation, and are obvious points God did not care to detail. Creation remains a mystery today, but its no mystery that we draw different conclusion about disputable matters.
I do not know how to arrive at your conclusion based on what I said. Various opinions exist because we are not all knowing, and everybody has an opinion, but none of them affect the consistency of the gospel good news. Thank you for the chance to clarify.

captron52 said...

Thank you sir for your polite views. As always I wish you well

Chris Ledgerwood said...

Although I don't necessarily agree with all your conclusions, I appreciate the respectful and considerate way you stated your beliefs. Thanks for bringing civility into this discussion.