Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I watched on the History channel sunday evening the program about Nostradamus, The ancient Mayans and the Hopi Indians again. It dealt with what the future holds according to these people.I have seen similar programs in the past but still find it so interesting.According to the ancient Mayans on the 21st of december of the year 2012 there is to be an event called the dark rift during a period called Galactic Alignment.When the sun moves into Leo it is supposed to mark the beginning of the end of earth as we now know it.Now I know htere have always been those who have forecast the end of times since man began to leave written records and Im not one to jump on a badwagon and say the end is coming but as I continue to study astronomy and astrology I am amazed at the correlations they find in the ancient Mayans Nostradumas and the Hopi Indians of Arizona.This galactic alignment happens every 26,000 years and is suppose to cleanse the earth by extinction. According to the mayans this will be the 6th such happening in the earths history.According to Nostradamus the signs leading up to this event are recorded in his quantrain number 48 It calls for recurring storms--Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Ike, the recent ice storm that just hit the heartland of America--------etc His forecast call for worldwide famine because of the disappearance of our food supply. One instance is the mysterious disappearance of our honey bees.Do a little research and you will find they are disappearing for no apparent reason.And something I didnt know is that they are responsiblile for most of our crops ever making it to fruition.With them our crops will wither and die. Also the disappearing world of Bats, most folks will shudder at bats-they are ugly litle creature and have been portrayed in the movies as eveil but without them our world would be so full of mosquitos we would not recover.All this worry about global warming I feel is just another way for our beloved goverment to hold us in fear.The poles of this planet will turn around and be just the opposite at some time in existence no matter what we do here.Im all for saving our planet but there are other factors at work that will determine whether our planet survives or not.Im only glad that Im not one who worries too much about the future. Im too busy trying to enjoy this moment.But just in case our world is going to end soon it makes me more determined than ever to love everybody and try to do wahtever I can to help this world out.After watching the evening news today Im ready to throw away the damn thing! All our leaders seem to do is argue and fight and continue to destroy what should be the most abundant country on earth.I wont evfen get started now on politics. Let me just say that I love you all and hope that your evening and tomorrow will bring you everything you want. Remember to be good to yourself and even beter to others Hey we may not be here much long so go for it! See how many people you can make think you are crazy by telling em yu love everybody! Take care my friends Hugs to yuo all


Anonymous said...

It's very interesting you write this Ron, because it is quietly being discussed here lately as well. Meaning us lightworkers... It is believed it will occur soon, where the earth's rotation will halt and invert the itself over the course of 40 days. Live, love all, and keep the faith... without sounding evangelical--find Christ in your heart, he's right there. Great post Ron!

captron52 said...

Thank you Rob for taking the time to read and comment.I plan on living life to the fullest everyday just in casse the Mayans and old Mr Nostradamus are right! DEcember 21st 2012 when the Mayans calendar ends so tht gives me at least 4 yrs and a few months to live it up.Sure hope you and yours are feeling great and enjoying every minute. Thanks again my friend.God bless