Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I was wondering if any of you folks are familiar with the life and the writings of Leo Buscaglia. He was one of my favorite authors ever! For any of you not familiar with Leo here is some interesting facts about the man. He was the son of an Italian mother and dad who raised him according to their views on humanity.Leo went to college in the states and got his phd degree to teach at Southern Cal. He taught a class called 'Love" A simple name for a class that always had more students register for the class than any other in So Cals history.Leo was a very intelligent person who lived as a young boy with not much money or material assets but he said he never knew he was poor until someone told him he was.Over the years Leowrote many great books---"LOVE",BECAUSE I AM HUMAN","THE WAY OF THE BULL", "PERSONHOOD","LOVING EACH OTHER","LIVING,LOVING",and LEARNING",BUS NINE TO PARADISE", and my favorite one a childrens book titled FREDDIE THE LEAF. There were some more Im sure and Leo also started the Felice Foundation which does a lot of good things for different organizations and such. Even tho I never got to meet Leo in person I did have the honor of communicating with him in the late 80's and early 90's. I found him to be one of the most interesting people Ive ever known. He was quick to laugh off the praise myself and many others gave to him. He told me he was only doing what he loved and he wanted everybody to finally understand that loving each other is the greatest thing we can ever do in this world. Leo passed from this world a few years back and like many great people before him he left a huge whole in the hearts of those who knew and loved him.I can only imagine what life would be like if we all could develop our ego selves to the same highest vibrations that he did. For anyone who has never read any of his works I would recommend that you do so. His words were and still are very enlightening. My hope is that "all" of us can arrive at the point where we can be called a love doctor. God bless you and yours now and always.


sccr09 said...

Thanks for sharin this buddy, I'll have to look up his books-- he certainly seemed to have had very high-spiritual-vibration; I'll check it out at the bookstore.

captron52 said...

Im sure you will love his books Rob.If you can find Freddie the Leaf book by Leo you will absolutely love it I do believe. Have a great evening my friend