Sunday, March 15, 2009


Hello friends. Like most of you I have struggled with the concept of Heaven and Hell since a young lad.Growing up in the Bible Belt of the Heartland in the USA I was raised in a traditional church where it was taught that deoending upon how yiu lived yur life your soul would either spend eternity in Heaven or in Hell. Dont get me wrong with what I am about to say because I readily admit this is only my own humble opinion and belief.
After many years believeing in this dogmatic teaching of the church I found myself growing more weary and lost as I quickly found out I could never live up to the expectations of the church so I just quit going. I couldn't look myself in the mirror if I kept going to church on sunday morning after living a wild night out on the town on saturday night. I was breaking all kinds of religious "laws" and was finding no comfort in the fact that I still believed I was destined to spend an eternity in a place called Hell!
It would take me an entire book or two to explain to you how I managed to overcome my childhood beliefs and finally find my true spiritually. It was and still is an every day work in progress but thankfully with the help of many wise people and the council of my own inner spirit I find myself totaly at peace within and look forward to my next adventure when I do leave this planet and go upward to something even more wonderful than this human life.
My humble belief now is that Heaven and Hell both are more a state of consciousness than an actual place. Now I know this will have some of you objecting violently and thats ok cause Im not trying to change your beliefs. f you are happy with your beliefs and find peace and contentment inthem then who amm I to try and change that? Im happy for you. But just in case there is one other soul right now who is reading thisand is at the point I was all those years ago I hope they will find hope in this belief I share with many others.Our lives can be like living in Hell due to our choices or e can live better and find ourselves in Heaven righ NOW! Jesus said"The kingdom of Heaven is within"
I surely hope I havent offended any one whose beliefs differ from mine.Thats the last thing I want to do. I readily accept your beliefs as your own and I find no fault with yu as long as your beliefs dont include hurting anyone else for any reason. I will leave yu with a quote from Sam Davis:It is not a matter of when you reach Heaven;it is a matter of when the Kingdom of Heaven reaches you.And finally a quote from the Science of Mind magazine;"Behold the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand." but this Kingdom must be recognized. The recognition is a mental act."
My hope for you and yours this day is that your lives will be filled with much love, joy, peace, and that you will gladly share these blessings with all. Take care my friends. May the sun shine down on your backdoor today!

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