Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Tell the truth! How many times have we been admonished to do just that--tell the truth? Now don't get me wrong. I firmly believe in the truth and being forthright with others but what happens when ones truth doesn't jive with someone else's truth? I can share with you my "truth" but that doesnt necessarily mean it is the one "truth" for you. You may ask--How can that be? Well take the example of a man who looks at the ocean, he might say"I see an ocean colored blue" And that is his truth for sure. But another man or woman may look at the identical ocean and say,"I see an ocean colored green". And as before that is her or his truth. How can both be truth when they are different? Thats why I say my truth may not be your truth. And back to the ocean what about the person who is born color blind and can see no color but gray? Is his truth right? I know you can see what I mean and this helps me to accept my truth without having to defend it to anyone. And it also helps me to accept anothers truth as right for them even if I agree or not. As human beings we are all ONE as I see it and need to start being more open minded and accepting of others and their cultures and beliefs. I will leave you with a quote from Ernest Holmes' book You Invisible Power. Mr Holmes states the following:"If clear reasoning does deliver the perception of the allness of TRUTH, and if Truth is a synonym for God, then we may say:God is all there is." And from the Science of Mind comes this thought: With our present limited vision, we neither see nor know the real Son, but the Father within knows and understands. In parting I would like to wish all a very happy Thanksgiv ing Holiday to all who observe this special day. Let us be mindful of all we have to be thankful for each moment."HUGS"


Breath-e said...

Regarding oceans...if we are each a drop in the ocean aren't we each in our way the whole ocean. Therefore, if we are each a drop of god, aren't we each in our way the whole of god? I love that thought.

God be with you. How can it be any other way?

captron52 said...

Hi Sarah. I agree with you totally on that thought. We are all ONE! Enjoy your Thanksgiving Day!