Saturday, November 6, 2010


Have you ever asked yourself:Exactly who am I these days? Whether you have or not it may be the time to do it again or for the first time ever.What are we exactly? We all know we are made up from minerals of the earth and we all arrived here on planet earth by the same means.And we also should know that we are what we consume with our daily diet and that we become who we are by taking in all our experiences and acting as we see fit. But we are a lot more than those things make us. And the exciting thing is we are in control as to the type of human being we wish to become. No matter what circumstances we find ourselves in or experiences we have garnered, we can, at any moment choose to become someone we can love ,respect and be proud of. I know firsthand just how "hard" it can be to do a truly honest self examination. It is so easy for us to see the "faults" in another but at times we are blind to our own faults. Noone likes to be told by anyone that we are less than a great human being. But if we can just be totally honest with ourselves and not put any "spin" on how we are conducting our lives then that is the first step to total self-awareness. And then we can begin to change the things we dont particuliarly like about ourselves. Also this examination should help us to see others in a totally different light and instead of thinking "less" of them we can accept them as they are and realize that just like us they are on their own personal path to spiritual enlightenment. In my friend's (Betsy Otter Thompson) book "Walking Through Illusion" Betsy states: "You are the Light you let in, the love you give, the beauty you define, and the reason you live." I sure agree with Betsy on that and I would recommend that if you haven't read her book yet, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of it.Betsy is truly one of the most enlightened "souls" I have ever met and she does great work. So right now I sincerely wish for each of you wonderful folks the best of everything that this life has to offer.About the only advice I would ever give is this:Always be good to yourself and even better to those you meet. Be safe out there, have fun, do something nice for someone, and please remember to live each moment to the fullest!


christian believer said...

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