Tuesday, November 2, 2010


May I ask a question of you? When is the last time you told yourself that you loved yourself? Or have you ever told yourself that? When it comes to love we are a curious sort I do believe. We tell folks everyday we love em but usually neglect to love ourselves first. Maybe cause it may sound a little arrogant or smug or whatever and we are afraid others will accuse us of being too full of ourselves. Now I must admit when I do tell myself I love me it sounds kinda strange but one day I got to thinking. And the question I had was this: How can I or anyone for that matter give away something we don't have. So I figured that if I was to truly love anyone I would have to start with myself. This in turn took me to many different thoughts in my mind. It caused me to take a deep look at who I was and what kind of human being I have become. That journey in itself can be scary as it was for me. No one 'myself included' likes to admit we have faults and that there are things about us that can be "hard" to love. So I had to forgive myself first for all my shortcommings and then go from there. And today I can say I do love myself. That's not to say that I still don't have faults to overcome and Im a long long way from becoming the human being I eventually want to be. But at least now when i tell someone I love them I know I can because I have loved myself first(warts and all) and it is now mine to freely give away. So here you go my friends---I love ya'll , yep every single one of you even if I may not agree w ith the way you are living or not. I can still love you as you are and only hope you are working on becoming a kind caring and loving human being. Try this if you will. Look inot a big mirror and repeat to your reflection I LOVE YOU JUST THE WAY YOU ARE! You may laugh at yourself think its all silly or whatever else but believe me if you want to truly be a loving being you have to love yourself first.Good luck on your personal journey to finding the "good" in everybody and everything life has to offer. I will now leave you with a quote from Oscar Wilde:"To love yourself is the beginning of a lifelong romance."

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