Tuesday, November 30, 2010


We all know what faith is(believing in things unseen) and whether we think our faith is strong, weak, or somewhere in between we may be surprised to find that our faith coomes in really strong when we are not even consciously aware of it. It is one thing to pray for a healing from some sickness and test our faith in awaiting to see if the prayers are answered. And many of us, in a time like that, may find our faith being weak. But that doesn't mean all our faith is weak. For many of us this day started off with a car ride to work. And I would bet that most of those folks never gave a thought as to whether their car would start and get them to their place of work. So unless you are one of the unfortunate ones who is having to drive a worn out car or truck you may agree that your faith in your car was strong. This is just one example of how we use our faith in lots of "small" things on a daily basis. But when it comes to the "big" things in life, like a physical or mental healing, a new job, meeting our soulmate, making money etc, we oft times find our faith a little weaker. Why is that I wonder? I think I know my personal reasons but I can't answer for you. You will have to examine your deepest thoughts and beliefs to answer that one! But one thing I can tell you is that, in fact, the Universe knows no "little" or "big". It only knows to give you exactly what it is you are holding as your deepest beliefs and thoughts. I might suggest if you feel your faith is weak in any area of your life that you start taking a closer look at your true feelings of your own self-worth. I have known many many folks who would say-"well so and so gets all the breaks and Im just a born loser. Or, they can have faith but Im just not made that way. Or they may say I just cant catch a break, everything is always against me. Or I cant win anything or I Never win nothing or Im the unluckiest person in the world, or blah blah blah--Im sure you get the picture. I truly believe we must first put some faith in knowing that there is a Power that is greater than our own ego self and that this Power plays no favorites and is Always, Always, just waiting for our belief in It to become strong enough so It can make manifest anything we want in our lives. You just gotta believe! Trust me on that one I do know that for sure. Building ones faith in anything takes time and it takes much effort unless you just happen to be a true believer already.I wish you all well in your search for a stronger faith and if life ever does knock you down a bit may I suggest you get right back up, laugh at yourself ,and begin again with an even more determined attitude! I leave you with a quote from Mr Ernest Holmes in his book Creative Mind:"We must come to realize that we are living in a perfect universe peopled with perfect ideas; it appears to us as we harmonize with it." Take care my friends and try to remember to enjoy each and every moment you have, for indeed, that is really all any of us have! I now depart from your company with wishes and prayers for a life that you will find rewarding and full of love, peace, and joy! "HUGS" to all

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