Thursday, November 4, 2010


Now money is something all of us need to truly live a life that is very fulfilling. There are many diferent ideas as to money and what it means to each of us. To some money is the number 1 quest in this life. To some it is just a means to an end. And to some it is considered the "root" of all evil. As for myself I guess I've been to all those conclusions at one time or another in my life. I've always been blessed in that Ive always had enough to get by on. I've never been "rich" and there are a couple of times when I was down to no money at all. But everytime I do go "broke" there has always been an answer to get me back in the flow of enough money to survive. In reality money is only another illusion of this world( or so I believe). In itself money is just metal or paper and cannot do anything of its own accord. I have now arrived at the point in my personal consciousness that I really dont think much about money at all. Every day I tell myself that I have more money than I am going to spend today so why worry about it. I just expect the abundant universe to supply my every need and so far it has worked out wonderfully. But I kkow its hard to say money doesnt mean anything when one is faced with lots of deblt and cant afford to pay the rent. So again Ive arrived at the point where I believe money means different things to all of us. I think the biggest mistake most of us make is not being content with what we have right now. And when we fixuate on the "lack" in our livves then the Universe just gives us more of waht we are thinking and that is lack. Another problem many of us have with the concept of money is that we believe that it truly is the "root" of evil. And we feel if we were rich we would be lead down a path of destruction. In reality money I believe is a gift from the Powers That Be and is only loaned to us to use hopefully in a positive manner.If we can get used tothe idea that money is a spiritual entity our state of lack will be allieviated.As Catherine Ponder wrote " I bless persons and conditions as channels of my prosperity, but God is the Source of my supply." And a quote from the Science of Mind Textbook says: Let us not say that fifteen dollars is material and the Lord's Prayer is spiritual. Everygood thing is from our One Source or God and it is up to us to accept this gift and our responsibility to use the gift wisely. My desire for each of you is that money will flow freely into your lives and that you will use it to not only better your own life but to help others as well. I hope all of you have a most wonderful weekend!

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