Tuesday, November 9, 2010


All relationships of a material existence will come and go as we move through the illusions of this material world. Some of these relationships will be deep, meaningful, fulfilling, long lasting, and truly beautiful. Others may be short, shallow, resentful, and very trying. But no matter what these relationships entail or how long they last they will one day cease to be, at least in the form as we know them now. And each relationship should serve to enable us to become better human beings as we learn to grow and to share with others. On the other hand a spiritual relationship will last throughout eternity ( as the way I see things). I believe that those whom we have deep relationships( such as one with our true soulmate) with shall continue even after so called death comes knocking at our door as it surely will one day. And with all my heart I believe we will be reunited with those whom we have experienced deep loving and learning relationships. In what form we will be reunited I can only wish I knew for sure. In his book titled "A New Earth" Eckhart Tolle states the following:"What remains is the light of consciousness in which perceptions, experience, thoughts, and feelings come and go. That is BEING; that is the deeper true I."And from the Science of Mind Textbook comes this thought: To be spiritually minded is to enter that tranquil atmosphere of pure thought, that "Heavenly Consciousness" which is "the secret place of the Most High" in man(woman). So today my friends let us begin to really enjoy our true relationships with those we love by forgiving each of their faults and forgiving ourselves also, and starting our relationships with a new found feeling of love , joy, and grace. God has been "good" enough to bring those folks into our lives so let us take it from there and treat each other as if today is our last day on earth.And then we can look forward to keeping those relationships ongoing in the "future" spiritual relationships. Lets all be good to ourselves and even better to those we love!"HUGS" to you all!

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