Monday, January 18, 2010


Just what do yo want to receive from this life? Do you really have the ability a nd drive to get what you want? Well, I believe that you do. If you are not it could be because you are not expecting the things to happen that would fulfill you as a human being. Its great to want a live filled with everything you desire coming true but its impossible to have that unless you have trained your mind to expect the best to happen. Many of us live with the thought that tomorrow will be the day when all my dreams come true b ut then we turn right around and find ourselves expecting something to come along and derail these desires. One cannot thhink negatively and then expect the positive to happen. Life just doesnt work that way. We must first expect the best keep our thoughts centered on the positive and have enough faith in the Universal Mind to complete teh circle and bring our desires into manifestion. So I would suggest that if your life isnt exactly the way you want it to be that you take a real close hard look at your everyday thoughts and inner beliefs and see what is keeping your greatest god from manifesting. I sincerely hope all of you can and will see your every desire and want come true.Peace and love to all!


Breath-e said...

thank you, ron.

captron52 said...

You are quite welcome my dear friend. Hope your week has started off really great