Friday, January 8, 2010


Of all the things Ive lost I miss my mind the most! I use that saying quite often it seems ,why I dont know, but it just seems to fit so easily with me. Now I got to thinking that we as humans have the most wonderful capability of changing our minds to make it ANYTHING we want it to be.Just think about that for a moment or two. Its so amazing when we realize that this is not only possibile but true more oftten than not. As humans we tend to stick with what we know rather than change to some other thinking simply because its easier to remain where we are than to change our direction.Just for a moment think of all the amazing inventions that human minds have come up with. Why its mind boggling the things we now take for granted that only a few years ago were unheard of things. And these inventions came from minds that were opened up and changed rather than sticking to the status quo. Now you may argue that you are not an inventor but I would have to strongly disagree with ya on that one! You creat different things every moment with your mind. Granted the things you create may not be an invention that changes humanity but it does create things that change you. So Im thinking if we all have the same ability to create, why dont more of us use this power to make our minds one that we can use to help change the world in apositive way? Just think about it for a bit and se if you agree with what Im talking about.If this doesnt make any sense at all to you dont feel bad cause at times I dont really undrstand what Im saying any way.But with these thoughts in mind I leave you with a couple of borrowed items from very inspired writers. The first comes from the New Testament Romans 12:2 .... be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind... and the second comes fromthe Science of Mind Textbook page 486.."Instead of the old concepts of disease and failure, we are to inject those of liberty, freedom, health, harmony, and success."
Bless your hearts and your minds my friends. Be safe and may you really enjoy the weekend ahead.


wildstorm said...

What a refreshing post! Hope you are having a fabulous Saturday and staying warm!

captron52 said...

Thank you my dear Wildstorm. I am staying inside today and taking life easy. Hope your weekend is going great also!