Sunday, January 3, 2010


This would seem to be easy for us to do--that is take responsibility for whatever we are experiencing in our lives-- but I have found it isn't always easy to do so. It can be real easy to accept responsibility when things are going the way we want them to but when things are happening that we consider negative that is when we tend to try and find something else to blame it on instead of accepting that responsibility also. I suppose it is human nature to place blame but I know from experience that never aids us in any way to correct the negative events in our lives.Even if things do happen that we have no control over we still have the ability to use our minds to overcome the negatives instead of trying our best to find someone or something else to blame. Its not easy admitting that our thoughts or actions are the problems we are facing but underneath all the why me poor old me feelings etc there lies within us the power and the ability to accept responsibility for our thoughts and our actions which will aid us in overcoming any thing negative in our lives no matter where they came from or why they happened at all. I use a quote from Les Brown who once said:"If you take responsibility for yourself, you will develop a hunger to accomplish your dreams." And from the Science of Mind comes the quote "THe One Infinite Life and Substance is the only Life and Substance in existence; and this Life and this Substance is my Life now." An affirmation I take from SOM magazine is this : Right now I take the time to feel what it is that Spirit would create through me. Today I say yes to me."

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