Monday, January 25, 2010


Just like the biblical story of the Prodigal Son we must all learn to find our way back home if we are to live this life fully and attain enlightenment to some degree. By going back home of course I don't mean we shall all go back to where we were born in this world. The home I speak of is our "Spiritual" home. And this home also is not to be confused with any religious teachings of a home somewhere "out there" above us far away in the etheral expanses of outer space. Again please dont get me wrong; if you believe in a home in Heaven or anywhere with your God that is ok by me. But for this essay that is not the "home" I am speaking of. The one I speak of is the one that lies deep within our souls that is oft times hidden or obscured from our immediate view as human beings.And no wonder it becomes clouded what with all the "junk" we deal with on a regular basis. Most of us get so caught up in our daily lives( jobs, children,spouses,debts, etc etc) it really takes an effort to turn ones attention to their inner home. But when we do discover we have made it back home toour center we find all is well. Therein lies all the answers we seek, all teh love and peace we desire, and the complete stillness that tells us everything is ok andf that we are exactly where we are supposed to be.As Joel S. Goldsmith puts it:"Each one has to find himself (herself) to be the law of life unto his or her own being---the kingdom of his her own being." Another quote I really love is found in the Science of Mind page 127--When we know our oneness with God (Spirit) and Law, what a great burden is removed. My sincerest hope is that each one of you beautiful people will soon find your way back home if you have not already arrived. Peace and love I leave with you. Bless all you gentle souls.

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